Last Tuesday is a valentine day. Although I am a person who don’t like to celebrate this moment, I can felt the circumstance of this moment. Raika was the only why I was able to celebrate this moment. She sent me a surprise by sending me a flower. Honestly, it was my first time to receive a bucket of flower from a girl. Usually, it supposed to be a man who send a flower to his girl. Otherwise, in this case, she was the one who has done it.



Yesterday, we’ve already done one of our historical moment to celebrate our democracy process. Me, as a good citizen in Jakarta, joined this event and sent my aspiration by choosing our leader through this election. I don’t want to talk about the candidates or some problems related with this election. I just want to say that I’m proud to be Indonesian due to we can through this process peacefully. There are not any significant problems in our lovely country.

Probably, there will be another one step to finish this election process. I hope it will run smoothly to keep our pride as a good citizen in our beautiful country.

Proud to be Indonesian.


Last year, in May 2015, I went to Jember, Jawa Timur. I went there with my friends, Elby and Ridwan. We wanted to meet our friend, Teguh, to attend his wedding party there. As usual, we tried to figure out some nice places in Jember before we went to the party.

We took a plane to Surabaya first and landed in Juanda Airport. Once we got there, we went to Bungurasih. We took a bus there to Jember, in Tawang Alun terminal. As we arrived, we stayed in a motel.

On the next day, we managed to meet Teguh. He wanted to lend us two motorcycles. We planned to take a tour in Jember using the motorcycles. We made an appointment at the place we decided before. After we met him, we follow his party to see his iJab kabul. Fortunately, his ijab kabul run smoothly.

After that, we went to our motel first to figure out some information related with Jember via google. We found Air Terjun Putih and we decided to go there. We rode our motorcycle and follow the instruction using google map. It was a quite hard to get there and we needed to go there through a village which is named Sumberlesung village. Unfortunately, the place as not good as we saw in the google. It is just a tiny waterfall. Otherwise, we took some photos there.

Then, we googled another place. We went to Ulo Watu beach. Ulo means a snake and Watu is a stone. So, Ulo Watu is a stone looks like a snake. Once we got there, we saw a bunch of stones pile up looks like a snake. It is a beutiful beach and we can see and hear I nice voice from the sea. I saw a little crab there crawling on the beach. We drank a coconut water and ate a grilled fish. After that, we went home to take a rest.

Next morning, we were going to go another beautiful waterfall. As we googled it, we found Air Terjun Tancak Tulis. It was an extreme journey. We needed to go through a jungle and some villages. Even more, there is no connection internet. We asked some person using their own dialect. Fortunately, Ridwan understood what they said so we depended on him so much. Until we found a place that we had to park our motorcycle. We had to across a river and went there by foot.

Once we got there, it was an spectacular water fall I have ever seen. You can see a 200 meters high water fall. You can’t even see the peak due to it is hidden by a cloud, that is why it is called Tancak Tulis. Tancak Tulis Water Fall means a water fall from the sky. You can hear a sound from a mother-nature. There’s nobody but us. We took some photos and swam for a while. We were satisfied with this beautiful of it’s nature. Even, we have already forgot how exhausted we were before.

As we were done, we went to Teguh’s wedding party ceremonial. We went through the jungle and some villages again. We made to attend Teguh’s wedding  on time. We took some photos there. Then, we needed to take a bus in Tawang Alun terminal quickly or we were not able to make time on our flight on the next day in Juanda Terminal. Fortunately, we made everything on the right time.



I have a dream that I haven’t had until now. I want to have an application which can help people and they interested to use this application at the same time. Two years ago, in 2015, Me and some of my friends were struggling to create an postcard application which is called GetFolks application.

The idea of this application is to help people to send a postcard via their own mobile phone. They can send an offline postcard or online postcard. At that time, Robin asked me to join his team as developer. At the first time, He wanted to create a social media which is named GetFolks. But, as we were running in this development,  the idea had been changed. We saw that our application can help our PT. Pos Indonesia and encourage people send a postcard easily. But how can manage to introduce our application? Therefore, we decided to join a competition. We believed if we won the competition we had a chance to make our name bigger.

Then, we registered to Inaicta competition. This competition is held by our Ministry of Communications and Informatics. Fortunately, we become one of their nominee. We were going to do a presentation related with our application. So, we prepared as best as we could do. Surely, we absolutely wanted to become a winner in this competition and we believed it due to we have already had the application. More over, at that time, we have already run this application to public users. Hopefully, we would be able to be a winner.

The presentation is held in FX Sudirman, in Bina Nusantara University. We did our presentation fluently. The Jury loved and interested with our application. They said the announcement would be held on the next day in Bidakara. I prayed a lot at that night. I really wanted to win this competition.

On the next day, we went to Bidakara to attend the announcement ceremonial. Unfortunately, as they announced our application’s name, we became a merit winner or we were a runner up winner. We were disappointed. But, we didn’t give up. We believed that we still had a chance to bring our application successful.



Going to somewhere would be better if you go with your friend and I believe most of people agree with that. I have an experience that friendship can make your moment beautiful and interesting.

Last year, in November 2016. I went to Malang with my friends. As we know Malang is one of the most interesting place in Indonesia especially for it’s culinary and places. There is a bunch of attractive places such as, Museum Angkut, Jawa Timur Park 1 and 2, Museum Topeng, Batu Spectaculer Night and etc. Unfortunately, I have just been there for 2 days and 2 days are not enough to feel the beautiful of Malang.

We went to Malang seperately. Me and my friends Elby went there on Saturday while the others have already there on Thursday due to they wanted to visit Bromo Mountain. I have already visited Bromo mountain and I didn’t want to go there. So, I decided to not visit Bromo at that time. Otherwise, it was a rainy day so I was afraid it would be bad if I went to a mountain. As we arrived to Malang, we met in Arjosari terminal.

Then, we were hungry and decided to take I lunch first. One of my friend told me that we needed to try Cwie Mie Malang. He said that that is one of the best culinary in Malang and it is true. I can’t describe how tasty it is you need to try with your own tongue.

After we were full, we decided to go to Museum angkut in Batu. At the first time, I thought the cost is too expensive due the ticket is 100.000 IDR per person and I only saw a bunch of old cars. Otherwise, I was wrong, there is a beautiful parade and there are some interesting place. You can take some nice pictures. After that, I changed my mind quickly and I believe 100.000 IDR is too cheap for this place.

Near from Museum angkut, there is a place called Museum Topeng. It was only 30.000 IDR per person and you can see a lot of beautiful and frightening mask at the same time. There will be a guide person who can provide you an information related with the history of every mask. You can wear some masks and take some photos there.

In the night, we went to Alun-alun Batu. We went there to have a dinner. There is a lot of people and most of them are teenagers. In the restaurant that we chosen, they provided us as live music and the singer asked to the audience if you wanted to take the mic and sang a song on the stage. Then, I decided to take this challenge. I sang a song from Radiohead and Oasis. Honestly, I really love brit-pop music. It was a fine night because everybody already knew this song and I sang this song fluently.

On Sunday morning, we went to Surabaya.¬†Actually, I went to Malang due to my friend’s wedding party, Sari, in Surabaya. We took a bus from Malang to Surabaya. Once we arrived to Sari’s wedding. I met my colleagues who friend with Sari as well. After this party, we went to Sampoerna Museum first due to we had a spare time before our flight. In Sampoerna Museum, you can see a history of this factory. If you know that Sampoerna is one of the biggest cigarette manufacture in Indonesia. Once we took some photos, we went to the airport to go home.




I believe that everyone has their own favorite food or places. Me and my friends, Ridwan and Teguh, have a ritual event in every Friday. We always go to Kedai Blora every Friday. There are some nice culinary, such as Siomay, Gado-gado, Mie aya, and Tongseng. Then, Kedai Blora’s Tongseng is the most delicious food on earth for three of us.

Every Friday, we eat Tongseng and we always hope that we never miss it. The taste of this Tongseng is quite different with another Tongseng that I have ever eaten before. We had a hard moment when the merchant went to his hometown. We were disappointed when we heard this information. After that moment, we asked his number phone and asked him to tell us if he want to go his hometown first. Such a spoiled kid don’t we?

Anyhow, some my colleagues asked me why we have this Tongseng for our lunch every Friday. I answered them that because we really love this Tongseng and this is the best Tongseng ever. Then, they decided to go with us last Friday. At the same time, I was a little bit nervous because my boss heard about our discussion and he wanted to join with us. I was afraid whether the merchant went to his hometown or not. By the way, we managed to go there last Friday.

Fortunately, the merchant was cooking their delicious Tongseng. I was relieved. Then, we ordered him for more than ten persons. The merchant was quite excited. As usual, I ordered siomay and ate it while I was waiting my lovely Tongseng.

Finally, we were satisfied with his Tongseng and everybody love it as well.


Sangiang Island

Everybody in this world has their own hobby and 0ne of my favorite hobbies is traveling.

Last year, in May 2016, I went to Sangiang Island with my colleague in my current company. This is one of my beautiful places that I have already visited. There is a hill which can help you to see Sumatera Island and Java Island at the same time. You can do snorkeling around this island as well. The food is so delicious and the people who lives in this island really good and helpful.

Fortunately, this was an open trip. So, you can meet some new friends in this trip. I met some nice friends who can laugh together. Even more, we sang a song together while I was playing a guitar.

Zihan and Sela, they are our tour guide. They are a truly nice guys and helpful. They took some photos and videos for us. Then, they taught us how to dive properly.

Fortunately, the cost is relatively cheap and it is worth enough. It was a memorable moment. I loved this place and these guys as well.