An accident

In this moment, I would like to tell you about my horrible accident last night in Purbaleunyi Toll with my mother. It is horrible and it could take my life away. Luckily, God protected me and my father last night from this horrible incident.

To begin with, last Saturday, I and my mother went to Bandung due to some activities. I wanted to meet a lecturer from Binus due to that I want to take my academic reference letter in Binus Bandung, while my mother had an appointment with a sales man for our house in Arcamanik.

Unfortunately, I did not meet with my lecturer due to his another appointment. Luckily, he will send me the letter to Jakarta, precisely in Binus Anggrek or Syahdan. Therefore, I would like to take it next Monday.

The other one is that we meet a sales man in Arcamanik. We discussed everything related with our house. Finally, we made a decision. Then, we met my uncle in Arcamanik and we ate Mie Kocok together. After that we went to meet Uti, my lovely grandmother in Awiligar. In Awiligar, I took a rest for a while because we planned to go home after Magrhib. So then, we took a pray and went home.

In Purbaleunyi toll, I felt something wrong with my car. I felt that I was not able to handle the steer properly. Suddenly, I heard a something exploded. Boom!. What was that, I did not know. Then I took a side quickly. I got out from my car and looked at one of my tyre. I was shocked. The one of my tyres was shattered. Without thinking, I called 14080. Fortunately, the were helpful and came to the place quickly. Luckily, I had a backup tyre and we changed the broken tyre with the good one. As a result, we made it and we were able to move again to Jakarta.


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