CHS Gathering 2017

Having a good relationship with your colleagues is good. Last week, I had a gathering event with my colleagues. I went to Lembang Bandung. We went there at 6th of May. Unfortunately, some my friends were not able to go with us due to their own business and already have an appointment and so on.

Fortunately, I was pointed that I needed to manage the activities of this event. Then, I started to make a team. I chose some my colleagues that I believed they can support me well. I created some games for this event. I figured out some references from Internet and YouTube.

While we were on the way to Bandung, we played some games. I divided my colleagues into three teams. They are cungpret team, juragan team, dan dewa team. I asked them to collect some points during several games. The team who earned the highest points would be a winner. Moreover, we had a trophy for the winner team. I was glad that they were so interested with this idea. As a man who in charge on this assignment, I was so happy.

Once we arrived in Lembang, we went to Cikole. We planned to play some outbound games but unfortunately, it was raining. At the first time, I thought It would be no a big problem, but I just realized that some of my colleagues have a kid. Then, I decided to cancel this activity. Otherwise, we still managed to take some pictures of us to keep this moment.

We went to our villa. We stayed there for a night. The villa is so big and luxurious. Even though, it was a little bit creepy but It wasn’t a big deal. We had a dinner together and then we had a barbecue. We had an activity that we exchanged a gift each other. It was fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a gift due to I forgot to bring my gift.

In the morning, we planned to have some exercise. We exercised our body. We did some warm up for our body. Then we played some games again. As usual, I asked them to earn some points from these games. Once we had already done the game, dewa was emerged to be a winner. Then, we gave the trophy to them.

Then, we went to Dusun Bambu. We played some games such as driving ATV, shooting and so on. We were divided into some groups because it was a free time. We were free to go around. I played shooting a target using air-soft gun. It was not easy to shoot a target. You need to focus and aim your target properly. You need to be calm and patient to see your target.

Once we’ve done everything, we went back home.





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