Batu, Malang (Part 2)

Last Friday, I went to Malang again. It was my second time to be there. Honestly Batu, Malang, is one of my favorite places in Java island due to its culinary and places.

As usual, I had a friend who celebrated his wedding party, Satria, in Batu and I managed my time to go around in Batu a day before I go to his party.Anyway, I went to Batu with my colleagues, Riswan.

First of all, I took a plane to Surabaya then I grabbed a travel car to Malang on Friday night. As we arrived in Malang, we managed to make an appointment with Satria in Karanglo. Then, we went to Batu Alun-alun to have a dinner. Actually, on the next day, Satria had to attend to his party due to his Ijab Kabul, a kind of how to declare your marriage and engage your wife in Islam. Otherwise, he spent his time to meet us first. Oh, such a lovely and bad guy at the same time.

Coban Rondo

We stayed in Songgoriti home stay, a place that I wasn’t able to imagine why Satria suggested us to stay in this place. I can’t tell you why, you can figure out once you’ve got there. Such a creepy place.

Next morning, we planned to take a city tour in Batu. First, we managed to go to Coban Rondo, one of beautiful waterfall in Malang. We got there by a motorcycle that we’ve already rent for two days. The thing that I love in Batu is you can go around to an interesting place easily as long as you have a phone and Google Maps. The government has already built an infrastructure to remote these place easily and there’s no traffic jam.

It took about 20 minutes from our home stay to Coban Rondo. Once I got there, I needed to pay a ticket and it was about 20.000 IDR per person. I parked my motorcycle near the waterfall and went there by foot. It was not quite far. It was just about a couple hundred meters. Once I got there, I took some pictures and a selfies with the waterfall. Sometimes, I asked Riswan to lend his hand and took a picture of me.

Jatim Park 2

After that, we went to Jatim Park 2. There are some interesting places like Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, and Museum Satwa. I saw a lot of beautiful creatures and animals around the world in this place. Moreover, I can educate myself while having fun with these animals.

It’s price about 150.000 IDR per person for three places, Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park and Museum Satwa. Anyway, I recommend you to spent a day for these places because there are a lot of things that you can see in these places. I’m afraid you can’t manage to enjoy yourself if you have no enough time.

I took some pictures and selfies with the animals. Luckily, when I got there, there’s no crowded so I was able to enjoy and took my time as long as I can. Previously, my colleague said that It would be a bunch of people there and I needed to prepare myself. In fact, it didn’t happen. Probably, I went there with Riswan, a lucky guy ever in my company. ( Anyway, I have a story about this guy but I will tell you soon ).

Satria’s wedding

Next day, we went to Aster Hotel to attend Satria’s wedding party. It was a pool wedding party and it was beautiful. We had a lunch and took some pictures to keep this moment.

Then, we managed to go to Surabaya. We took a taxi and made an appointment with our travel to Surabaya. Actually, we only had a plenty time to catch up our flight. I was afraid that we were not able to make it on time. Fortunately, the flight was delayed due to the bad weather then we were able to make it on time. Once again, probably, it is due to I had Riswan as lucky-man. ( By the way, even that he declares himself as a Hokiman. )


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