A Grace from Allah is everywhere

I have heard that a grace from Allah is everywhere. I used to be a skeptical person that I slightly did not believe about this statement. However, yesterday, some people showed me that this happens in our reality.

I work in a bank company as an analyst and I receive my salary monthly. This is one of grace from Allah that every month Allah sent me His fortune to me and I believe that. On the other hand, yesterday, I had a question why do we need to limit ourselves? Don’t we believe that a grace from Allah is everywhere? Why do we limit our grace or fortune every month? I did not say that I demand to receive the money every day but we are able to find another fortune from another place. For example, we can build some little business. That is the meaning. We have to find another source to earn extra money.

Therefore, I realize that to be a great Muslim, I have to figure out a way to create a new business in order to receive another grace from Allah SWT.  Insha Allah, there will be a way from me to achieve this goal.

An accident

In this moment, I would like to tell you about my horrible accident last night in Purbaleunyi Toll with my mother. It is horrible and it could take my life away. Luckily, God protected me and my father last night from this horrible incident.

To begin with, last Saturday, I and my mother went to Bandung due to some activities. I wanted to meet a lecturer from Binus due to that I want to take my academic reference letter in Binus Bandung, while my mother had an appointment with a sales man for our house in Arcamanik.

Unfortunately, I did not meet with my lecturer due to his another appointment. Luckily, he will send me the letter to Jakarta, precisely in Binus Anggrek or Syahdan. Therefore, I would like to take it next Monday.

The other one is that we meet a sales man in Arcamanik. We discussed everything related with our house. Finally, we made a decision. Then, we met my uncle in Arcamanik and we ate Mie Kocok together. After that we went to meet Uti, my lovely grandmother in Awiligar. In Awiligar, I took a rest for a while because we planned to go home after Magrhib. So then, we took a pray and went home.

In Purbaleunyi toll, I felt something wrong with my car. I felt that I was not able to handle the steer properly. Suddenly, I heard a something exploded. Boom!. What was that, I did not know. Then I took a side quickly. I got out from my car and looked at one of my tyre. I was shocked. The one of my tyres was shattered. Without thinking, I called 14080. Fortunately, the were helpful and came to the place quickly. Luckily, I had a backup tyre and we changed the broken tyre with the good one. As a result, we made it and we were able to move again to Jakarta.

See another world

Vacation is something you need to reveal your stress, learn something new and be grateful. Last week, I had a small euro trip with my family. We went to United Kingdom, Paris, and Amsterdam. I learned a lot of thing specially how to be grateful to your country.

First of all, we need to prepare our document that we needed to go to Europe. We needed an UK Visa and UK schengen. Fortunately, it was not hard as I thought. We were able to manage it by ourselves. For UK Visa, we followed some steps from this website https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/home/welcome. Then, for Schengen Visa we followed this http://www.vfsglobal.com/Netherlands/Indonesia/Bahasa. As long as, we were able to provide the document and had enough money to live in Europe and UK, we were able to pass this process.

As we finished the visa document, we needed to prepare our luggage. We checked the weather in UK and Europe. Hence, we were able to choose some clothes that fit in there. Fortunately, it was summer session. We read that we needed to bring an umbrella due to sometimes it got rained.

1st of August, it is the day we flied to Europe. We felt excited and a little bit nervous because we arranged the activities and schedule by ourselves. But, we kept in mind that “it would be an interesting trip”.

As we arrived in London, we went to our Hotel, Marriott Hotel Regents Park. The hotel is not far from the airport. It took 45 minutes by car. Then, we took a rest for a night because we had already exhausted due to our flight.

In the next morning, we tried to learn about London tube. We took a tube to Picadilly circus because we wanted to take Hop On Hop Off bus in that place. We took a city tour using Hop On Hop Off bus. It was a fun trip using this kind of public transportation. We can get off in an interesting place and took another bus to continue our city tour. Then, firstly, we managed to get off in Buckingham Palace. After that, we had a lunch near Buckingham Palace, Pronto ‘A’ Mangia. It is a nice restaurant. There were a lot of tourists in this restaurant. Next, we took another bus to Tower of London. We wanted to take a city cruises tour. We used a mini cruises along Thames river and we were able to see some London’s icons such as London Bridge, Tower Bridge London, Big Ben Tower, London Eye and so on. We took a couple of photos there. After we finished this journey, we took a bus to Trafalgar Square. In this place, there is an art museum so we entered the museum, Art Design Museum. This museum has a lot of painting regarding to British’s history. As we had done in the museum, we turned back to Picadilly Circus area to buy some souvenirs. After that, we went back to our Hotel.

Next morning, we planned to go to Liverpool. We have already bought a ticket to Beatles Story and Magical Mystery Tours. Actually, I’m a kind of Beatles’s fans. So, I was really excited to go to Liverpool. In this journey, we met a couple of married person and fortunately, they came from Indonesia as well. But, they took this trip due to they wanted to go to Liverpool FC stadium. Once, we’ve arrived in Liverpool, we needed to walk about 20 minutes to the Beatles Story. In the Beatles Story, there are some story regarding to Beatles’s history. Once we’ve done it, we took a magical mystery tour. This tour will take you to see a place of Beatles member’s childhood. I was so interested and took some photos. In the evening, we tried to go around in Liverpool while we were waiting our train to London.

Next day, we managed to catch our train to Paris in the afternoon. But, first of all, we wanted to figure out Winsor Castle first. Once we’ve got there, we saw a beautiful castle. Unfortunately, we were not able to enter this castle due to we needed to catch our train to Paris. We saw a long line to enter this castle and we I thought that we will not able to make it time to catch our train. Anyway, we were almost late eventhough we decided to not enter the castle. We run to catch our train in Pancras Station, a station in London. Happily, we were able to manage it.

In Paris, we met a friend, his name is Raja. He is a kind of our tour guide in Paris and Amsterdam. Actually, after we had a trip in Paris, we planned to Amsterdam as well. So then, we went to Eiffel Tower first. At about 10.00 pm, we went back to our Hotel, Albe Saint Michel.

In the next morning, we took our city tour in Paris. We went to Versailles, the one of beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, someday I’ll come back again and see the other thing in this place. Because, we had no enough time to go around in it’s garden. The garden is an incredible big. We needed to go somewhere else. We had to move to another place. We moved to Louvre Museum and we took some photos there. We went to Eiffel tower again to see a sunset in Paris. We can see a sunset in another way in Paris. Usually, people see a sunset at beach.

Next, we had to catch our train to Amsterdam but before that we managed to go to Louvre Museum first. Anyway, in this time, we entered the museum. There are a ton of sculptures. These sculptures, some of them, are taken by Napoleon from the country that he colonized. There are some sculptures from Egypt, England and another countries. Actually, there is a place regarding to Muslim history but unfortunately we were not able to enter the section about Muslim History due to there was a maintenance. Then, we managed to go to another place. My mother wanted to buy a purse near this museum.

In the evening, we went to Gard du Nord station in Paris to take our train to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, we needed to get off from the train in Amsterdam Central station. Once we got there, we went to our Hotel, CC hotel. The hotel is a kind of unique hotel. Sometimes, I felt that I was not able to stand properly due to its construction. We ate Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. The owner is unique also. They can speak bahasa and they are already old. Otherwise, sometimes, they do something funny thing. I can not explain about it properly, but trust me it was so ridiculous After that, we walk around in the city and buy some souvenirs.

Next morning, we wanted to see Zaanse Schans. This place is really nice. You can see a traditional place in Amsterdam such as a fields, cows, lake and so on. I took some beautiful photos here and buy some souvenirs again for my colleague in my office.

We had done in Zaanse Schans then we moved to Volendam. That is a place for a sailor. You can see a bunch of boats there. We had a lunch in this place and the place is very nice.

Once we’ve done there, we needed to catch our train to London again. But unfortunately, the train was delayed. Actually, we needed to transit in Brussels before we went to London. We needed to catch our euro star train in Brussels to London. Due to this delayed we were not able to catch our train in Brussels. So then, we needed to stay one night. The good thing was that there was a compensation from Thalys, an agency who managed this train travel,  because this incident.

In Brussel, we tried to travel using a tram. We went to Beurs, we were curious about Manneken pis. Once we got there, we just saw a child statue who are peeing. Honestly, this is not what I expected. I was dissapointed. But, the waffel in Brussel is so delicious. So the taste was able to make me so happy.

When we managed to come back to our hotel, we had an incident. We took a wrong tram. So then, I needed to ask someone but it was already 11.00 pm. I was afraid that I was not able to met the right person. Fortunately, I met a police so he gave me a direction. After that, we managed to go back to our hotel.

In the morning, we took our euro star train to London. We were picked up by a driver. We went around for a while in London before we took our flight. We went to Kensington Palace, a place where the Queen used to live. It is a beautiful garden in the middle of city. I wish that there will be a kind of this garden in the middle of Jakarta. It would be great. Then, we had our lunch in Noodle oodle. At the first time, we had a nice lunch in Europe. The taste  is so fantastic and it is halal. Once we have done we moved to the airport. We needed to manage our tax refund then we took our flight to our country, Indonesia.


CHS Gathering 2017

Having a good relationship with your colleagues is good. Last week, I had a gathering event with my colleagues. I went to Lembang Bandung. We went there at 6th of May. Unfortunately, some my friends were not able to go with us due to their own business and already have an appointment and so on.

Fortunately, I was pointed that I needed to manage the activities of this event. Then, I started to make a team. I chose some my colleagues that I believed they can support me well. I created some games for this event. I figured out some references from Internet and YouTube.

While we were on the way to Bandung, we played some games. I divided my colleagues into three teams. They are cungpret team, juragan team, dan dewa team. I asked them to collect some points during several games. The team who earned the highest points would be a winner. Moreover, we had a trophy for the winner team. I was glad that they were so interested with this idea. As a man who in charge on this assignment, I was so happy.

Once we arrived in Lembang, we went to Cikole. We planned to play some outbound games but unfortunately, it was raining. At the first time, I thought It would be no a big problem, but I just realized that some of my colleagues have a kid. Then, I decided to cancel this activity. Otherwise, we still managed to take some pictures of us to keep this moment.

We went to our villa. We stayed there for a night. The villa is so big and luxurious. Even though, it was a little bit creepy but It wasn’t a big deal. We had a dinner together and then we had a barbecue. We had an activity that we exchanged a gift each other. It was fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a gift due to I forgot to bring my gift.

In the morning, we planned to have some exercise. We exercised our body. We did some warm up for our body. Then we played some games again. As usual, I asked them to earn some points from these games. Once we had already done the game, dewa was emerged to be a winner. Then, we gave the trophy to them.

Then, we went to Dusun Bambu. We played some games such as driving ATV, shooting and so on. We were divided into some groups because it was a free time. We were free to go around. I played shooting a target using air-soft gun. It was not easy to shoot a target. You need to focus and aim your target properly. You need to be calm and patient to see your target.

Once we’ve done everything, we went back home.




Batu, Malang (Part 2)

Last Friday, I went to Malang again. It was my second time to be there. Honestly Batu, Malang, is one of my favorite places in Java island due to its culinary and places.

As usual, I had a friend who celebrated his wedding party, Satria, in Batu and I managed my time to go around in Batu a day before I go to his party.Anyway, I went to Batu with my colleagues, Riswan.

First of all, I took a plane to Surabaya then I grabbed a travel car to Malang on Friday night. As we arrived in Malang, we managed to make an appointment with Satria in Karanglo. Then, we went to Batu Alun-alun to have a dinner. Actually, on the next day, Satria had to attend to his party due to his Ijab Kabul, a kind of how to declare your marriage and engage your wife in Islam. Otherwise, he spent his time to meet us first. Oh, such a lovely and bad guy at the same time.

Coban Rondo

We stayed in Songgoriti home stay, a place that I wasn’t able to imagine why Satria suggested us to stay in this place. I can’t tell you why, you can figure out once you’ve got there. Such a creepy place.

Next morning, we planned to take a city tour in Batu. First, we managed to go to Coban Rondo, one of beautiful waterfall in Malang. We got there by a motorcycle that we’ve already rent for two days. The thing that I love in Batu is you can go around to an interesting place easily as long as you have a phone and Google Maps. The government has already built an infrastructure to remote these place easily and there’s no traffic jam.

It took about 20 minutes from our home stay to Coban Rondo. Once I got there, I needed to pay a ticket and it was about 20.000 IDR per person. I parked my motorcycle near the waterfall and went there by foot. It was not quite far. It was just about a couple hundred meters. Once I got there, I took some pictures and a selfies with the waterfall. Sometimes, I asked Riswan to lend his hand and took a picture of me.

Jatim Park 2

After that, we went to Jatim Park 2. There are some interesting places like Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, and Museum Satwa. I saw a lot of beautiful creatures and animals around the world in this place. Moreover, I can educate myself while having fun with these animals.

It’s price about 150.000 IDR per person for three places, Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park and Museum Satwa. Anyway, I recommend you to spent a day for these places because there are a lot of things that you can see in these places. I’m afraid you can’t manage to enjoy yourself if you have no enough time.

I took some pictures and selfies with the animals. Luckily, when I got there, there’s no crowded so I was able to enjoy and took my time as long as I can. Previously, my colleague said that It would be a bunch of people there and I needed to prepare myself. In fact, it didn’t happen. Probably, I went there with Riswan, a lucky guy ever in my company. ( Anyway, I have a story about this guy but I will tell you soon ).

Satria’s wedding

Next day, we went to Aster Hotel to attend Satria’s wedding party. It was a pool wedding party and it was beautiful. We had a lunch and took some pictures to keep this moment.

Then, we managed to go to Surabaya. We took a taxi and made an appointment with our travel to Surabaya. Actually, we only had a plenty time to catch up our flight. I was afraid that we were not able to make it on time. Fortunately, the flight was delayed due to the bad weather then we were able to make it on time. Once again, probably, it is due to I had Riswan as lucky-man. ( By the way, even that he declares himself as a Hokiman. )

Mulyadi’s Wedding

I have a friend named Mulyadi. He is such an unique person on earth. I have some weird yet fun experience with him. Everything he do can make me laugh and I bet another friend of mine will say the same thing. Even more, in his wedding party is quite unique. The guests who come to his party will be separated based on their gender. It was my first time to see a wedding party like this.

A couple weeks ago, on 26th of February, he celebrated his wedding party. I was attending his party with Raika. I met some friends and my colleagues from my previous company. Actually, Mulyadi is also one of my colleagues in Hitachi eBworx, my previous company. It was so fun to spent a day with them and shared our experience each others.

Congratulations Mulyadi! Hopefully, you will be happy forever and ever.


I’m pretty sure that everybody in this world love their family and they have their own way how to express it. Me and my family have our own way to show this expression.

Two weeks ago, me and my mother went to bintaro sector 3 to buy some flowers. We bought some beautiful flowers there. The merchant has a lot of beautiful flowers. Once we arrived at home, we planted them in our garden. Recently, My mother love to farm some flowers in our happy tiny garden. My mother loved that moment so much and I can see it from her face.

Then, we sometimes spent our time together. Last Saturday, Me, my mother and my twin brothers, Naufan and Naufal, went to Pondok Indah Mall to have a dinner. We ate in Warung Pojok restaurant. I ordered Mie Jawa and it was delicious. My mother wanted to try another food but unfortunately, she didn’t like it. It was the first time she ordered that food. Then, me and my brothers shared our food with her. I loved this moment and take a picture to keep this moment.

I love my family. Even though, it is only a simple thing, as long as I am with my family, I don’t want to waste my time and keep our beautiful moment as much as I can.




Last Tuesday is a valentine day. Although I am a person who don’t like to celebrate this moment, I can felt the circumstance of this moment. Raika was the only why I was able to celebrate this moment. She sent me a surprise by sending me a flower. Honestly, it was my first time to receive a bucket of flower from a girl. Usually, it supposed to be a man who send a flower to his girl. Otherwise, in this case, she was the one who has done it.


Yesterday, we’ve already done one of our historical moment to celebrate our democracy process. Me, as a good citizen in Jakarta, joined this event and sent my aspiration by choosing our leader through this election. I don’t want to talk about the candidates or some problems related with this election. I just want to say that I’m proud to be Indonesian due to we can through this process peacefully. There are not any significant problems in our lovely country.

Probably, there will be another one step to finish this election process. I hope it will run smoothly to keep our pride as a good citizen in our beautiful country.

Proud to be Indonesian.


Last year, in May 2015, I went to Jember, Jawa Timur. I went there with my friends, Elby and Ridwan. We wanted to meet our friend, Teguh, to attend his wedding party there. As usual, we tried to figure out some nice places in Jember before we went to the party.

We took a plane to Surabaya first and landed in Juanda Airport. Once we got there, we went to Bungurasih. We took a bus there to Jember, in Tawang Alun terminal. As we arrived, we stayed in a motel.

On the next day, we managed to meet Teguh. He wanted to lend us two motorcycles. We planned to take a tour in Jember using the motorcycles. We made an appointment at the place we decided before. After we met him, we follow his party to see his iJab kabul. Fortunately, his ijab kabul run smoothly.

After that, we went to our motel first to figure out some information related with Jember via google. We found Air Terjun Putih and we decided to go there. We rode our motorcycle and follow the instruction using google map. It was a quite hard to get there and we needed to go there through a village which is named Sumberlesung village. Unfortunately, the place as not good as we saw in the google. It is just a tiny waterfall. Otherwise, we took some photos there.

Then, we googled another place. We went to Ulo Watu beach. Ulo means a snake and Watu is a stone. So, Ulo Watu is a stone looks like a snake. Once we got there, we saw a bunch of stones pile up looks like a snake. It is a beutiful beach and we can see and hear I nice voice from the sea. I saw a little crab there crawling on the beach. We drank a coconut water and ate a grilled fish. After that, we went home to take a rest.

Next morning, we were going to go another beautiful waterfall. As we googled it, we found Air Terjun Tancak Tulis. It was an extreme journey. We needed to go through a jungle and some villages. Even more, there is no connection internet. We asked some person using their own dialect. Fortunately, Ridwan understood what they said so we depended on him so much. Until we found a place that we had to park our motorcycle. We had to across a river and went there by foot.

Once we got there, it was an spectacular water fall I have ever seen. You can see a 200 meters high water fall. You can’t even see the peak due to it is hidden by a cloud, that is why it is called Tancak Tulis. Tancak Tulis Water Fall means a water fall from the sky. You can hear a sound from a mother-nature. There’s nobody but us. We took some photos and swam for a while. We were satisfied with this beautiful of it’s nature. Even, we have already forgot how exhausted we were before.

As we were done, we went to Teguh’s wedding party ceremonial. We went through the jungle and some villages again. We made to attend Teguh’s wedding  on time. We took some photos there. Then, we needed to take a bus in Tawang Alun terminal quickly or we were not able to make time on our flight on the next day in Juanda Terminal. Fortunately, we made everything on the right time.